What are Google Core Updates

What are Google Core Updates

What are Google Core Updates

The world of SEO is always changing, and it’s important for any website owner to keep up with updates from Google. One of the big updates to watch out for are the Core Updates. These updates can really affect how your website ranks in search results and how many people visit your site.


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In this article, we’ll explore what the Google Core Update is all about, its goals, and how you can bounce back if you’ve lost your spot in search results and traffic due to these updates.


What are Google Core Updates?


Google’s Core Updates are like big makeovers that change how websites are judged.


When we mention a Google Core Update, we mean a big change to how Google decides which websites to show in search results.


Unlike small, regular updates you might read about in our guide to Google’s Algorithm, core updates are major changes aimed at making search results better for users. Google wants to boost websites that give users a great experience and have really good content.


The impact of Google Core Updates on ranking


Google Core Updates can have a big impact on where websites show up in search results. When a Core Update happens, it’s common to see big changes in how sites rank.


Some sites might go up in the rankings and get more visitors, while others might drop down and lose visitors, sometimes a lot.


It’s important to understand that Google isn’t trying to punish certain sites on purpose. The Core Updates are just changes Google makes to try and make the search results better for everyone.


These updates are meant to make search results more useful and give people better answers to their questions.


What are the factors that influence ranking?


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Many things affect where a website shows up in search results, especially during Google Core Updates. These factors are varied and can be hard to understand.


Content quality: Creating top-notch content is key to winning over Google. It’s all about making sure your content is relevant, accurate, complete, and well-organized


EEAT signals: Google loves websites that show they’re experienced, knowledgeable, authoritative, and trustworthy. That means proving your expertise in your field and building a strong reputation online.


Technical SEO : Getting the technical stuff right on your website is crucial for people to find it easily.


Loading speed: Speed matters! A fast-loading website gives users a better experience, and Google likes that.


Quality Backlinks: Having links from trusted and relevant websites is a big deal. It shows Google that your site is worth paying attention to.


Mobile friendly: Your website needs to work well on phones and tablets. Google rewards sites that offer a great experience no matter what device you’re using.


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Google also looks at other things like how easy your website is to use, how often you update your content, and how people interact with your site.


We also invite you to read the article: Backlinks: What they are and Why they are an Effective Strategy


How to recover rankings and positions lost in SERP following the Google Core Update


If your website has lost its position in Google search results after a Core Update, it’s crucial to take action to get back on track.


Recovering from a drop in ranking involves following specific steps that consider Google’s guidelines and search engine optimization best practices.


Analyze the impact of Google’s Core update


To bounce back from a drop in ranking, we need to first understand how the Core Update affected our site.


Use Google Search Console to track important data like organic traffic, ranking changes, and user engagement after the update. This helps pinpoint which pages and keywords were hit the hardest.


Evaluate the quality and relevance of the content


Now, let’s look closely at what’s on your website.


Your content should be good, unique, and match what your audience wants. It should also be accurate and cover all the important stuff people search for.


Keep updating and making your content better so you stay ahead in search results.


And when you’re making new stuff, do your homework. Be different from others and offer new ideas about what you’re talking about.


Optimize Core Web Vitals


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Core Web Vitals are important measurements Google uses to see how users experience your site.


Focus on things like how fast your pages load. Make your images smaller, save stuff in your user’s browser, and try to make sure nothing slows down how your page shows up.


Solve technical SEO problems


Technical SEO is really important for how well your website does.


You need to do an SEO check-up to find and fix any technical issues that could hurt how well your site works and how easy it is to find.


Some things to pay attention to are making sure search engines can go through your site easily, that all your pages show up in search results, and that your site is organized well.


The latest considerations on the Google Core Update


When a Google Core Update happens, it can really shake up where your website shows up in searches. Getting back up there is tough and needs special SEO skills.


That’s where a top SEO agency like WebQCoder can help. They’re pros at this stuff and can get your site back on track for long-term success.


We’ll check out your whole site and figure out what needs fixing, then make a plan that’s just right for your brand and goals. Plus, they’ll keep an eye on any updates from Google so you’re always ahead of the game

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