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In WebQCoder we build your Social strategy , designing with you a path that respects the characteristics of your products, your brand, your customers and above all that can be continuously supported by your organization.

Social Networks are important

Social networks are important contact channels with your customers: 2 out of 3 Internet users use them to communicate and find useful information to complete the purchasing process. And to affirm the Brands that most convince them. In India, almost 80% of the population uses social networks on a daily basis.

Reach your Customers. Use Social Networks to promote your Company.

Managing a Page or a Company Profile on a Social Network can be quite challenging. To turn a follower into a customer, or a like into a meaningful business opportunity, it requires experience, careful planning, and precision. This involves analyzing competitors, evaluating the Company’s strengths and weaknesses, and examining sentiments and interactions.

Let our Social Media Marketing Team handle your business’s Social Network Management. We’ll take care of your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn Company Profile, right from creating the strategy to designing an editorial plan. Our services also include comprehensive monitoring and real-time updates. We’ll devise effective advertising strategies to promote your business through Social channels, helping you achieve your goals successfully.

Social advertising drives growth

Whether your goal is to boost sales, drive more registrations, or enhance brand awareness, leveraging social media advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others can be the most effective strategy to reach your target audience precisely. By displaying tailored announcements to users with the right profile, you can maximize the impact of your advertising efforts and achieve your objectives more efficiently.

Advertising on social channels Facebook and Instagram has proven over time to be the most cost-effective advertising.

Benefits of advertising on social networks

Utilizing Facebook Ads and other social advertising platforms offers numerous benefits. Primarily, it allows you to engage with specific users who match the desired profile, which is a key advantage.

Segmentation: With Facebook Ads, you can effectively target a specific audience by considering their interests, age, and geographical location.

Virality: What could be more impactful than an advertisement created by a friend? A viral ad has the potential to spread rapidly through sharing, reaching not only your immediate circle but also extending its reach to friends of friends. It’s the epitome of effective advertising, offering a level of engagement that surpasses expectations.

Affordability: Social network advertisements are cost-effective, allowing you to discover suitable payment models that enable you to pay solely for conversions.

Analysis Tools: Leveraging advanced analysis tools, you can gain insights into the effectiveness of your ads and the results they yield. This empowers you to build highly efficient campaigns, maximizing their impact.

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Every Great Project is born from a small idea and the ability to listen and share a vision. Tell us your idea, it could be the beginning of an exciting journey. Contact a WebQCoder consultant now.

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Social Consulting

Digital consultancy and training, from strategy to webmarketing implementation

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Social Media

Social Media Manager for the creation of strategies on corporate social channels, organic strategies and ads

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Profile Management

Management of corporate social channels, from strategy to community management on corporate social pages

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Facebook Management

Management of the corporate Facebook channel and FB Ads to make the most of the most famous social network

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Instagram Management

Management of the Instagram channel and Instagram Ads to make the most of the most dynamic social channel

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Social Ads

Management of advertising strategies on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter channels for the right visibility of your Brand


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

Transparent Work

Our app developers and technical leads deliver the mobile app development solution as per the client’s promise. We believe in the transparent work with our customers and follows the iterative approach at work.

Native Developers

dev has a creative and innovative team of experienced developers that delivers business solutions for mobile app development. Our native developers are available to meet customer and enterprise needs.

Creative UX/UI Design

Our app developers team offers inspirational UX and UI design for the mobile applications. We follows best in class design and development services for creating your business websites and brand identity.

Ontime Delivery

dev has experienced and talented app developers and technical leads that focus on clear business requirements. We have set realistic deadliness for on-time delivery of projects and highest quality mobile apps.

Agile Methodology

dev follows Agile methodology to facilitate our expert developers to develop the highest quality of products and applications. We believe in delivering projects on time with maximum quality and service.

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