How AI (especially ChatGPT) will change the SEO world in 2024

How AI (especially ChatGPT) will change the SEO world in 2024

How AI (especially ChatGPT) will change the SEO world in 2024

In the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), people often talk about its potential demise. However, this idea isn’t entirely true, as with many marketing trends. The emergence of AI, like the success of ChatGPT, is changing the landscape, and there’s now discussion about a ‘new’ SEO. I came across articles discussing ‘Chat Bot Optimization’ and how it functions. Essentially, if robots start providing answers instead of just giving links, understanding how these robots think will become crucial.


A lot of SEO experts are noticing the impact of AI. In a recent report called ‘State of SEO 2024‘ by Search Engine Journal, SEO professionals believe that AI will have the most significant influence on their work. But what does this impact really mean? And is it causing only problems, or are there also chances for new opportunities?


Generative AI as the biggest ‘Disruptor’



Generative AI, like ChatGPT and Google’s ‘Generative Search Experience,’ is predicted to be the top technology causing significant changes in SEO performance in the next few years. According to a survey, 21% of professionals think that chatbots and AI applications will stir up the most trouble.


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These types of AI can create texts and content that compete directly with what’s on ‘real’ websites. Users get instant answers to their searches without needing to click through to a website. This goes against the usual goal of SEO, which is to bring in as many visitors to your site as possible. It makes the importance of SEO less clear.


Positive Expectations Predominate


Even though AI is going to make a big difference, most SEO experts (72.4%) feel pretty good about the chances it brings. Only 18.5% say AI hasn’t really changed how they do SEO yet. The others think AI can help by doing some tasks automatically and making work more efficient.



For instance, 68% of them are thinking of putting money into AI-powered software or services this year. Bigger teams with more resources are especially excited about this. They’re mainly looking to use automation for creating content, checking through content, and getting the most out of generative AI.


Young professionals optimistic


It’s interesting to notice that people who have been doing SEO for 5 to 10 years are the least worried about AI becoming more popular. Among them, 77.3% feel good about it, and only 14.5% are not so happy. On the other hand, those who have been in the field for more than 20 years are more critical of AI. Almost 28% of them think it’s not a good thing.


The younger SEO professionals seem to be more okay with AI. They are already using it in their work and strategies, and they like that it makes things more efficient. But the more experienced folks might prefer sticking to the traditional ways of doing SEO and might see AI as a problem.


The Future of SEO


In summary, the report tells us that AI is going to shake up the SEO world quite a bit. It might cause some trouble for the usual SEO stuff, but at the same time, it’s a chance to make things easier and more efficient.


We don’t know exactly how good or bad it will be in the next few years. What we do know is that SEO folks can’t pretend AI isn’t happening. Trying out AI tools and making the most of the good things it brings seems like the smartest way to keep up with the changes in this fast-moving field.

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