Generate images with AI: 10 free online tools

Generate images with AI: 10 free online tools

Generate images with AI: 10 free online tools

In the last few years, artificial intelligence has made big changes in the digital world, including how images are created and used by brands.


Images have always been important in marketing because they can quickly grab people’s attention and communicate a message. AI image generators are now helpful tools for many brands.


Let’s look at the top 10 free online tools for making images from text, and we’ll also share which one we think is the best free AI image generator.


What is an AI image generator and how does it work?


An AI image generator is a tool that uses smart computer programs and special networks to make images based on a given command, usually in the form of text.


This tool learns from a big set of images and descriptions, so it can help anyone make new and unique visual content.


What is the advantage of using an AI-based image generator?


A free AI image generator helps you save time and effort in making visual content. It can boost the success of your marketing plan by creating customized images that match your brand’s look.


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These AI-generated images are handy for enhancing your e-commerce social media strategy, updating your website’s style, making creative Facebook Ads, and even creating things like lead magnets to attract new customers.


Top 10 AI-Based Image Generators


Now that we’ve explored how artificial intelligence can be used to create images from text for marketing, let’s check out the top 10 free AI image generators that you can find online.


1. Leonardo.AI


Leonardo.AI is a tool that uses AI to make lots of different kinds of images. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to create good-quality images.


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If you use the free plan, you get 150 tokens, 30 zoom in/out options, and 75 background removals every day. You can put in a prompt (instructions) to make images, and you can even say what you don’t want in the pictures. There are different styles to choose from.


2. DeepAI


DeepAI is a strong tool that uses AI to make and edit images. You can use it for free, but there are some limits


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It’s fast and easy to create images by typing in text. Artists, designers, and marketers like it because it can make different kinds of images like photos, paintings, drawings, 3D graphics, icons, and abstract art.

If you’re a developer, you can also use DeepAI’s API to add its features to your own apps for a smooth creative process.


3. Deep Dream Generator


Google’s Deep Dream Generator is a famous tool that uses AI to make art. It’s online and turns creative and surreal ideas into images.


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It’s great for writers and bloggers who want interesting visuals for their work.


You get 100 free energy credits, but if you want to use the images for business, you need to sign up for a paid subscription.


4. Bing Image Creator


Bing Image Creator is a tool from Microsoft that uses DALL-E technology for AI. It lets you make lots of images without any limits.


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Every user gets 100 credits each day to create lifelike images from descriptions.


You can use it to make graphics and photos for newsletters, tell visual stories on Instagram, and create images for your company blog.


5. DreamStudio


DreamStudio by Stability AI is a cool open source tool for creative artists and designers who want to make advanced, high-quality graphics.


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When you sign up, you get 25 free credits to create immersive and visually stunning images. You can pick different styles and give instructions, even saying what you don’t want in the pictures.


6. Midjourney


Midjourney is a strong AI image generator that uses advanced technology to make high-quality and good-looking images using StyleGAN2.


It’s a top choice for artists and designers because it can make both abstract and very real-looking images.


However, the way you use it might be confusing, especially in the free beta version that you can access through a Discord invitation.


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After you use up the free beta credits, you have to buy a subscription to keep using the platform


7. Craiyon


Craiyon, which used to be called Dall-e Mini, is a simple and free AI image generator that uses StyleGAN2, similar to Midjourney.


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This tool is known for being easy to use, making it a good option for beginners who want creative and abstract images. Right now, Craiyon might struggle to make realistic human images.


You can use this tool for free, and the images are okay for both personal and business use, as long as you give credit to


8. StarryAI


StarryAI is an art generator that has three different types of smart technology to make images and NFTs in specific styles:


starryai immagini tool


  • Altair for dreamy and abstract pictures
  • Orion for lifelike photos
  • Argo for artistic styles and making product images


You can use StarryAI online or as an app. You get to make 5 images every day for free, and they won’t have any watermarks. You own the images, and you can use them for your business marketing.


9. Stable Diffusion Web


Stable Diffusion Web is a well-liked tool you can use online for making images quickly from text descriptions.


It uses the Stable Diffusion XL model, a smart machine learning system that creates new data based on what it learned during training.


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You don’t have to make an account to use Stable Diffusion Web. Just type in a description on the homepage, and it quickly makes images for you.


For the best results, make sure your description is detailed and specific.


10. Canva


Canva, a popular online design tool, now has a free AI image generator. This means users can make professional-looking images by just describing what they want.


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Canva’s goal is to make image creation easy for everyone with a free and comprehensive tool. Along with the AI image generator, it has templates, graphics, and the ability to customize and change images, giving users full control over what they create.


What is the best free AI image generator?


Right now, two free tools for making images with AI are getting a lot of attention:


  • Leonardo AI
  • Canva


Leonardo AI is great if you’re skilled in graphics. It’s best for professionals who know their way around graphic design. On the other hand, Canva is awesome for those who don’t have much graphic skill. It’s the top choice for people who want to create images but don’t have advanced design knowledge.


Deciding the absolute best AI image generator is tough because new ones show up all the time, and each has its good and not-so-good parts.


Remember, free image generators might not do everything that paid ones can do. They could have some limits on what you can do compared to the paid versions.


Final Thoughts: Does an AI-based image generator replace the work of humans?


Artificial intelligence is really useful, especially for companies that want a special and impactful look. But, it doesn’t mean companies can forget about having skilled professionals.


Using AI to make images might seem like a simple task, but AIs have limits, and they always will.


It’s important to note that humans need to give clear and detailed instructions to train the AI. This is how the AI learns about the brand’s look and what the final images should be like. Making things up as you go when using AI to create images is not a good idea, especially when a company’s future is on the line.

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