Discover 5 AI tools that Excite us

Discover 5 AI tools that Excite us

Discover 5 AI tools that Excite us

The world is changing a lot, especially with new technology and companies relying more on artificial intelligence (AI). We, as an online marketing agency, keep an eye on many new developments. Lately, it feels like there are exciting AI tools coming out almost every week. These tools not only got our attention but also got us excited about how they can improve our work and make things more efficient.


We want to share our journey exploring these new AI tools with you. We’ll start with five tools that we find interesting and think have the potential to make business processes better and more efficient. Whether you’re a new startup checking out AI or a big company wanting to stay ahead, these tools might interest you.


Let’s dive in and see how these AI tools can help your business succeed. Are you ready to use the power of AI? Let’s get started!


1. ChatGPT-4


How to use GPT


ChatGPT-4 is the newer version of ChatGPT-3, a model made by OpenAI that’s really good at predicting what words come next in a sentence. It can do things like help write emails, create articles, and even write computer code. ChatGPT-4 is much better than the older versions. We use it a lot in our daily work, like writing blogs and getting ideas for social media posts. It helps us work faster, and our customers like what we can do with it.


2. Scribe


How to use GPT


Scribe is a cool tool that uses AI to do things like take notes during your meetings. It can also make guides for what you’re doing on your computer screen by recording it. And it does all of this really fast, like in just a few seconds. It’s super useful because it helps us give our customers easy instructions, like how to post blogs on their WordPress site.




How to use GPT


Durable lets you make your own website in just 30 seconds. It won’t have a unique design or fancy features, but it’s great for a basic landing page. It’s simple, though not as fancy as what our web designer and developers can do. Still, it’s pretty amazing that you can create a website so fast. It costs €15 a month to host the website and improve its visibility on search engines (SEO).


4.Beautiful AI


How to use GPT 4 fv2fqj


Beautiful AI is a cool tool that uses AI to make good-looking presentations and slides without you having to do much. It’s perfect if you’re not great with PowerPoint or Keynote. Just tell the AI what you want on a slide, and it makes it for you. It’s a really fun tool, and we’ve already used it to create some nice slides.


5. Lumen5


How to use GPT 4 i1pqkc


We really like this tool called Lumen5. It’s an awesome tool that uses AI to make and edit videos super easily. For example, you can give it a link to a blog you wrote, and Lumen5 will make a video of it in just a few seconds. The tool picks out pictures and text by itself, but you can change them if you want.


We’re big fans of these tools, and we’re excited for ChatGPT-5 to come to the India.  It’s an AI helper from Google that can assist in writing articles, blogs, and social media posts. It’s not as advanced as ChatGPT-4 yet, but it’s getting better fast. Keep an eye on our social media because we’ll definitely keep you posted on updates.

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