Demand Gen – The New Google ADS Campaign

Demand Gen – The New Google ADS Campaign

Demand Gen – The New Google ADS Campaign

In the realm of digital marketing, Demand Generation (Demand Gen) is a crucial strategy that drives interest and awareness in a company’s products or services. It encompasses a range of marketing tactics aimed at generating demand, nurturing prospects, and eventually converting them into loyal customers. Let’s delve into the world of Demand Gen, understanding its importance, key strategies, and how it can power your business growth.


In May 2023, Google hosted Google Marketing Live, unveiling notable enhancements and changes within the Google Ads system.


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If you didn’t catch it, we’re here to help you understand.


One major highlight from Google Marketing Live 2023 was the introduction of “Demand Gen” campaigns, which has grabbed the attention of advertisers globally.


In this article, we’ll talk about Demand Gen, compare it to Discovery ads, discuss the key differences, highlight its advantages, and show you how to use this new and innovative advertising strategy.


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What is the difference between Demand Gen and discovery ads?


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Demand Gen is a type of advertising that uses Google’s smart technology to connect businesses with consumers in new and exciting ways. It goes beyond just appearing in search results. It puts ads in more eye-catching places like YouTube and Gmail, making them more visual and interesting for people.


Expanded reach on YouTube


Demand Gen and Discovery ads are different mainly because Demand Gen reaches more people on YouTube.


Discovery ads are mostly shown in Google’s Discover feeds, but Demand Gen campaigns go further and also show up on YouTube.


This is really important because YouTube is the biggest platform for sharing videos worldwide. There are over 2 billion people signed up on it.


So, using Demand Gen, advertisers can reach a massive audience. This lets them grab the interest of possible customers in creative and exciting ways.


Multiple video ad formats


Another important difference is the types of video ads you can use. Discovery ads are mostly for one type of format. But with Demand Gen, advertisers can try out different formats.


These formats can be horizontal, vertical, or square video ads, and even product carousels. This means advertisers can choose the format that works best for the people they want to reach. It helps make their ad campaigns more effective and useful.


Demand Gen a single campaign to reach more users


With Demand Gen, one ad campaign can reach many more people. This makes managing ads easier and helps use the budget wisely.


Companies can now reach the exact people they want to, in an interesting way. This is made possible with Google’s smart technology and by using platforms like YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Discover, and Gmail. These platforms together have more than 3 billion people using them every month.


Reaching and converting new potential customers:


Google Discovery campaigns help advertisers connect with and convince new possible customers.


To make them work better, it’s important to track and understand how well they lead to actual sales. This is where advanced conversion tracking comes in. It helps set goals for how much an advertiser wants to spend to get a customer (CPA goals) or how much they want to earn for every dollar spent (ROAS).


Now, when it comes to Demand Gen, it offers the same smart bidding options. But it also has an extra option called “maximize clicks.” This helps get more people interested and engaged.


More elaborate and relevant ads for greater engagement


Ads can be changed to match what people like, how they act, and what they prefer. This makes the ads more fitting for them. Also, having various video ad formats lets advertisers showcase what they sell in a fun and imaginative way. This grabs the audience’s attention and makes them interact more.


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AI-powered Insight measurements


In online advertising, using AI to understand data is very important. Demand Gen campaigns use this technology to quickly look through a lot of data and find important patterns in how people behave.


AI helps a lot in making sense of data and giving useful ideas.


With these measurements, Demand Gen campaigns can:

  • Optimize Targeting
  • Personalize Content
  • Measure Performance in Real Time
  • Identify Growth Opportunities


Optimize campaigns with a Google ADS management service


If you want to make sure your Demand Gen campaigns are really effective and give you good results for the money you spend, our corporate campaign optimization service can help. At WebQCoder, we know a lot about online ads and have done this for a long time. We understand the best ways to do things, what’s popular in the industry, and how to get great results.


Understanding Demand Generation


Demand Generation is a holistic approach involving multiple marketing techniques to create interest and demand for a company’s offerings. It goes beyond immediate sales and focuses on establishing long-term relationships with potential customers. The ultimate goal is to guide prospects through the entire buying journey, from awareness to consideration and decision-making.


Importance of Demand Generation


Lead Generation: Demand Gen is pivotal in identifying and capturing potential leads, nurturing them, and eventually passing them on to the sales team.


Customer Engagement: Engages customers by providing valuable content, thereby building brand affinity and loyalty.


Increased Revenue: Effective demand generation strategies lead to a consistent flow of potential customers, directly impacting revenue and business growth.


Key Strategies for Effective Demand Generation


Content Marketing: Creating and distributing valuable, relevant content to attract and engage the target audience. Blogs, eBooks, videos, and social media posts are effective tools.


SEO and SEM: Optimizing online presence through search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) to enhance visibility and attract more visitors.


Email Marketing: Leveraging personalized and targeted email campaigns to nurture leads and guide them through the buying journey.


Social Media Marketing: Engaging with the audience on various social platforms, sharing informative content, and building a community of followers.


Webinars and Events: Hosting online or offline events to showcase expertise, engage the audience, and generate leads.


Account-Based Marketing (ABM): Focusing on high-value accounts and tailoring marketing strategies to meet their specific needs, fostering stronger relationships.


Implementing an Effective Demand Generation Strategy


Define Your Audience: Clearly understand your target audience, their pain points, and preferences to tailor your strategies accordingly.


Leverage Technology: Utilize marketing automation tools to streamline and optimize your demand generation efforts, allowing for better segmentation and personalization.


Measure and Analyze: Constantly monitor the performance of your demand generation campaigns, analyze metrics, and adjust strategies based on the insights gained.


Sales and Marketing Alignment: Ensure seamless collaboration between the sales and marketing teams to align goals and create a cohesive approach towards lead generation and conversion.



In summary, Google Ads Demand Gen campaigns are a big step ahead in online advertising. They use Google’s smart technology to reach people in more interesting and personal ways. This gives them a strong edge in competition. These campaigns have attractive ads and can measure results well. They help grab people’s interest even before they start searching, creating chances to convince them to buy. If you manage them well, you’ll get the best outcomes and more value for your investment.


Demand Gen campaigns are a great tool to make people notice your brand, get them interested, and make them buy. Don’t miss the chance to make the most of them and achieve good results for your business.

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