Mobile Traffic vs Desktop Traffic: Where Users Browse (2024)

Mobile traffic vs desktop traffic

In today’s world, more and more people are connected online. Recent data from Earthweb, up to 2024, shows that a staggering 5.47 billion people are using the Internet. This number keeps growing every year, with a particularly big jump of 6.2% compared to last year, which is the highest increase since 2019.     For […]

The Importance of Advertising Agencies in your Marketing Strategy

The Importance of Advertising Agencies

In the fast-paced world of modern business, effective marketing is the cornerstone of success. With consumers bombarded by advertisements from every direction, businesses must find innovative ways to cut through the noise and capture attention. This is where advertising agencies play a pivotal role.   Understanding Advertising Agencies     Definition and Functions   Advertising […]

Pinterest Ads: The ally of your E-commerce

Pinterest Ads

As online shopping keeps changing, we need good advertising tools that work well with all the different ways people shop.     In this situation, Pinterest Ads can be a helpful ally for showing off products with pictures online.   Pinterest is growing really fast, which makes it a great place to advertise products to […]

Find out how to implement the marketing mix model into your strategy

marketing mix model

“For businesses to do well in today’s competitive world, they need a good plan to get the most out of what they put in. One useful tool for this is called the marketing mix model.     In this article, we’ll look at what the marketing mix model is, how it helps with marketing plans, […]

What are Google Core Updates

google code update

The world of SEO is always changing, and it’s important for any website owner to keep up with updates from Google. One of the big updates to watch out for are the Core Updates. These updates can really affect how your website ranks in search results and how many people visit your site.     […]

Backlinks: What they are and Why they are an Effective Strategy

Importance of Backlinks

You’ve got a website, but it’s not getting much attention. You don’t have many visitors or clicks. Even though you put a lot of effort into making each page look good and writing interesting content, it’s not paying off. You even started a company blog because people said it could help bring in more visitors. […]

What is Web 3.0: The future of the Internet is Decentralized

Web 3.0

We’ve heard the saying that if something is free, it means we’re the ones being used. Just today, a friend shared their worry about how their information is used on the internet. They keep seeing targeted ads that seem to know a lot about their private life and preferences.   We’re all noticing these weird […]

Discover 5 AI tools that Excite us

Ai tools

The world is changing a lot, especially with new technology and companies relying more on artificial intelligence (AI). We, as an online marketing agency, keep an eye on many new developments. Lately, it feels like there are exciting AI tools coming out almost every week. These tools not only got our attention but also got […]

Tips to Score Higher in Google in 2024

score higher in Google

In the dynamic realm of the internet, where trends evolve rapidly, staying ahead of the curve is crucial, especially when it comes to your online visibility. As we step into 2024, mastering the art of Google rankings remains a paramount task for individuals and businesses alike. Understanding the ever-evolving algorithms and leveraging smart strategies can […]

How AI (especially ChatGPT) will change the SEO world in 2024

effect of AI on SEO in 2024

In the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), people often talk about its potential demise. However, this idea isn’t entirely true, as with many marketing trends. The emergence of AI, like the success of ChatGPT, is changing the landscape, and there’s now discussion about a ‘new’ SEO. I came across articles discussing ‘Chat Bot Optimization’ […]


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