Advertising on Spotify: Here’s How to do it

Advertising on Spotify: Here’s How to do it

Advertising on Spotify: Here’s How to do it

Spotify is a very famous music service used by millions of people in many countries. So, there are many potential customers on Spotify! If you have a business online, putting ads on Spotify can help you reach new customers who might not know about your brand. If you’re a business thinking about advertising on Spotify, this post is for you!


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Advertise on Spotify: the users you can reach


Spotify is a big deal! Over 300 million people use it, some for free and some pay. And more people keep joining.


Lots of people use Spotify for free. They can’t skip ads, and ads pop up about every 15 minutes. So, if you advertise on Spotify, lots of people will see it.


Before, only big companies could advertise on Spotify because it was expensive. But now, Spotify has a new tool called Spotify Ad Studio. It’s available in Italy too. This means even smaller businesses and new artists can now advertise on the app.


Spotify Ad Studio is also known as Spotify’s “self-service.” Before Ad Studio, advertising on Spotify was all about buying and selling ad spaces, like the usual way. But with Ad Studio, we can create our own ads and choose who sees them. We get to decide how we want to show our ads.



User profiling thanks to Spotify Streaming Intelligence


Spotify is really good at gathering info about users and understanding them. This helps a lot in showing ads that people are interested in. It’s an important part of making ads work well.


Spotify not only looks at basic info like where you live, how old you are, if you’re a guy or a girl, and what device you use. It also checks what kind of music you like and what you’re interested in. It does this by seeing the songs and playlists you choose to listen to.


Also, Spotify gathers data on what you do while listening to certain types of music. For example, they notice if you’re using playlists meant for specific activities like exercising.


All this information helps you show your ads to the right group of people who would be interested in them.


The costs of advertising on Spotify


To start an ad campaign on Spotify using Ad Studio, you need at least $250. The nice part is, if the ads don’t work as you hoped, you can change or stop the campaign. If you stop it, you won’t have to pay more than the $250 you already spent.


Advertising formats available on Spotify


On Spotify, you can use different types of ads: audio ads (just sound), video ads (like short videos), display ads (pictures and text), and sponsored playlist ads. Let’s talk about each one.


Audio ads


If you use Spotify for free, you’ve heard these ads. They’re like short radio ads that play between songs. They can ask you to do things like click a link, buy something, or share stuff with others.


Video ads


Video ads on Spotify can be of two types:


  1. Sponsored session means you get to listen to music without interruptions for 30 minutes, but you’ll see an ad from the sponsor. This ad shows up only if you’re using the Spotify app and it’s on your screen. The ad can have links and things for you to do, just like other ads.
  2. Video Takeover is an ad that appears when you’re using Spotify and looking for music. It’s a regular video ad that shows up on the screen. There’s also a little banner that goes with it, and you can change what it says to ask people to do something, like click a link.


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Display Advertising


As regards display advertising, you can use the Overlay, Homepage Takeover or Leaderboard options.

The Overlay is an advert that is shown to the user when they return to the app after leaving it.

The Homepage Takeover , an option available only on desktop, consists of a banner inserted for 24 hours on the Spotify homepage, which contains images and links to external content.

Finally, the Leaderboard corresponds to a 30-second video ad, visible only if the screen is active.


Sponsored Playlists


Particularly interesting for brands is the Sponsored Playlist option .



Spotify has many playlists in the app. These are like collections of songs on certain themes, and lots of people follow them. They’re really popular.


With this type of sponsorship, Spotify offers companies to insert their brand into playlists for a certain period. By taking advantage of Spotify’s streaming intelligence, the company will be able to choose the playlists most suited to the themes close to its brand and the objectives of the campaign, where it can be inserted.


Create an ad on Spotify with Ad Studio



Spotify’s ads are mainly for musicians and businesses. There are two kinds of ads: one for music events (which is for musicians) and one for making companies more known (which is for businesses).


Once you have set one of these two objectives, you can go and create your advert.


When you start, you’ll choose who you want to show your ads to. You can pick where they live, how old they are, if they’re a guy or a girl, and what device they use.


Next, we get even more precise about who we want to reach. We can choose based on what music people like or are listening to, and even when they listen to it. For example, we can aim for people who like certain types of music or listen to music at a particular time.


After picking who you want to show your ad to, you use Spotify Ad Studio to make your ad. For audio ads, you can either write your own message and have someone record it, or let Spotify do it with their voice actors and mix it with music. Just remember, if it’s a video ad, it can’t be longer than 30 seconds, and there should always be some sound in it.




People listen to audio all the time, whether they realize it or not. Using ads on Spotify’s free version and getting into Digital Audio Marketing is a different way to advertise compared to the regular ads on social media.


The potential of audio products is enormous: just think that audio content can be used at any time of the day , without necessarily needing to look at or interact with the screen of your device.


Also, the types of audio you can listen to are always growing. It’s not just music anymore; you can listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and live discussions. Have you started thinking about how to show your brand on Spotify?

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